Tips For Those New To Caviar

For those new to enjoying caviar, the many types and flavors on the market can be confusing. One that you may find is Russian osetra caviar. What makes this caviar different from other types? It originates from the Russian osetra sturgeon. Since the fish is considered endangered, when you buy Russian osetra caviar online, it typically comes from farm-raised fish instead. Here are some things you should know about serving and enjoying osetra caviar.

Keep It Cold

Caviar is best served chilled, and osetra caviar is no exception. In most cases, it is placed in a deeply chilled serving dish or a dish placed on ice to keep it cool enough for the best flavor and texture. If you plan to serve your caviar atop baguettes or something similar, make sure that the caviar itself is chilled first and then dish it out immediately before serving the dish.

Consider The Flavor

When you decide how best to serve the caviar you've bought, consider the flavor. Remember that each type of caviar has its own flavor profile and the serving vessel should factor that in. For example, Russian osetra caviar is typically very mild in flavor, making it a great caviar choice to introduce people to caviar or for those who are not particularly big fans of fish flavors.

Choose The Texture You Want

One thing that many people overlook when they are new to caviar is its texture. Not only do different caviar types vary in flavor, but they also vary in texture. Some trout caviar features a firm texture with a noticeable pop, while styles such as osetra caviar are often softer and creamier in texture without that firm pop. Think about the experience that you are trying to create as you choose your caviar so that you get the right texture for your needs.

Order And Serve It In A Timely Manner

Caviar isn't something you want to buy and store in the fridge for a while before you get to it. If you are planning an event and want to serve caviar, order it for delivery the day before or the day of the event so that it is as fresh as possible. If you are going to buy osetra caviar online for delivery, make sure that you schedule your delivery accordingly.

These are some of the most important things to know when you're branching into osetra caviar and any other caviar types.