Expanding Your Pizza Restaurants Offerings With These Specialty Foods

If you are a pizzeria owner and are looking for ways to expand your business, then you should consider adding some specialty foods. These can expand your business and will draw in people who would appreciate more options along with their pizza. It's a great way to offer meals besides a simple pizza. The selection below is focused on specialty foods that are in alignment with Italian cuisine.

Fresh Ground Espresso Beans

If you would like to transform your pizza restaurant into less of a take out establishment and into more of a sit-down restaurant, then the addition of fresh espresso would be great. If people have the ability to relax after a meal and have a freshly brewed espresso, then they are more likely to order in and sit down to eat as opposed to simply ordering a pie to go. You can order Italian roasted espresso beans from most specialty food stores. You will also want to have an espresso making machine on-site as well.

Italian Rainbow Cookies

A fantastic specialty food to sell in your pizzeria is Italian rainbow cookies. These are great because they are a classic dessert in Italian American cuisine. Also, you can sell them to people who are buying takeout as well, as the cookies travel well and can be packaged in small bakery-style boxes. However, they are also a great option for people who are dining in and want a dessert to go along with their after-dinner espressos.

Italian rainbow cookies are a bit difficult to bake in-house, so many restaurants will order them from local bakeries or companies that sell specialty foods.

Gelato For Dessert

A classic Italian dessert that you should consider selling in your pizza restaurant is gelato. This is a dessert that is similar to ice cream, except it has a creamier and richer texture. It is normally not sold in your typical ice creams shop or restaurant. It's more commonly a feature in Italian restaurants. You can order a selection of different flavored gelatos from a gelato distributor, and often they can deliver it to your restaurant.

Like Italian cookies, Gelato is a great after-dinner dessert. The advantage of serving gelato in your restaurant is that many customers won't normally have access to gelato, so they will love the ability to have a nice dessert at your restaurant.

You should make sure that you choose a special gelato supplier as they will have both the variety and quality of the dessert, as well as the means to deliver it.