3 Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

With so many fun bachelorette party ideas available to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow it down to just one particular idea or theme. Here are a few different party ideas for you to consider. 

1. Have A Poolside Party 

Having a poolside party pretty much guarantees that you and the other ladies will all have a great time. Just picture lounging around in your bikinis poolside while sipping margaritas and chatting. If you choose to have a pool party at a nice hotel, you could even arrange to have someone come out to the pool area to do various spa treatments for you such as manicures or massages. 

2. Have A Tea Party 

Does the bride to be love drinking tea? If so, then she would be sure to enjoy a tea party, with different varieties available from a place like My Fresh Tea. Depending on your budget, you can either find a venue that specializes in tea parties or you can do this right at home.

You should ask all of the ladies to wear their most elegant, classy looking dresses to this tea party. You also might want to wear some gorgeous, oversized hats for an extra fancy touch.  In addition to serving tea, you should also have a variety of different finger sandwiches and desserts available for everyone to enjoy. 

Make sure to have lots of beautiful flowers on display. One great way to do this is to create centerpieces with the bride's favorite flowers and place them inside of tea kettles as this looks very sweet and charming. 

3. Rent A Limo 

Most people tend to think of weddings and proms when they think of limos. However, renting a limo is also an easy way to help make a bachelorette party feel more glamorous and exciting.

To make this experience even more special for the bride to be, ask the limo driver to make sure that he has a bottle of some of his best champagne available. That way you and the other ladies can enjoy a glass of it together while you're on your way to a fun night of club hopping or going out for dinner together. You should also try to make sure that the limo driver has the bride's favorite music on hand. 

There's no doubt about it that planning a bachelorette party can sometimes take a lot of time and effort. However, trying even just one or two of these ideas is sure to help all of you ladies have a fabulous night that you will remember for many years to come.