Wine Gift Baskets For Picnics And Barbecues

While wine baskets are appropriate for those with sophisticated tastes, there's nothing wrong with purchasing a basket for your friends with more common tastes, or a basket for yourself!  With summer around the corner, you're probably going to spend time eating and drinking outdoors. With this in mind, here's a look at some great wines and goodies that are great for outdoor gatherings, and are fun to enjoy with outdoor food: 

Fruity Wines And Barbecue

It just isn't summer without the smoky taste of grilled meat along with the tangy-sweet taste of a rich sauce. Most people think of drinking beer or soda with their barbecue, but it's perfectly fine to enjoy a hearty bottle of wine with your sizzling ribs, steak, or other meat of choice. The key is to keep in mind that you don't want to lose the flavor of your meat, and you don't want to lose any of the wine's flavor, either. This is why it's recommended that you enjoy a nice Zinfandel with barbecue.

It has fruity notes, and it's perceived to have just enough flavor to let you know that you're drinking wine, without the overpowering taste of wines such as a Merlot.  You might also want to try a bottle of Pinot Grigio. It's a white wine that's known for notes such as peach or apple. This is a great wine to offset a spicy barbecue sauce, yet it's light enough to enjoy with chicken, or grilled fish. 

Wines And Picnics

When adults plan picnics, then taking along a bottle of wine is almost expected. After all, what's more charming than uncorking a bottle of wine and enjoying it with fresh fruits, gourmet crackers, and cheese? But since you'll probably enjoy hearty and portable food such as gourmet sandwiches, or a roasted deli chicken, you'd do well to pack a bottle of Bordeaux. Bordeaux is perfect with picnic food because of it's crisp fruity notes and it's light to medium body. You could pack a heavier wine like a Syrah, but you might feel weighed down by such a bold, peppery wine. 

While you're ordering a wine basket for your next outdoor foodie gathering or for a friend, think about other fun items include in the basket. An extra set of unusual wine glasses is always welcome, and wine baskets often come with gourmet cheese crisps, bite-sized pastries, and hard sausages. Wine baskets don't require a stuffy presentation, and they're appropriate to order all year long.

When you're looking for your next wine basket, look to a winery like Sand Castle Winery for options.